K.Thienpont & R. Cliquet (Eds.)



Part One: Setting the Stage

1. Introduction: In-Group/Out-Group Studies and Evolutionary Biology
Kristiaan Thienpont & Robert Cliquet

2. Racism, Ethnocentrism, and Xenophobia: In Our Genes or in Our Memes?
Pierre L. van den Berghe

Part Two : The Sociobiology of In-Group/Out-Group Behaviour

3. Of Badges, Bonds and Boundaries : In-Group/Out-Group Differentiation and Ethnocentrism Revisited
Johan M.G. Van der Dennen

4. Genetic Similarity Theory and the Nature of Ethnocentrism
J. Philippe Rushton

5. Origins of Male In-Group Behaviours
Arthur M. Squires

Part Three : Social and Political Applications of In-Group/Out-Group Analyses

6. The Flaring-Up of The In-group/Out-group Syndrome In Eastern Europe : The Example of Former Yugoslavia
Dragana Avramov & Robert L. Cliquet

7. The Intellectual Construction of Immigration Policy : An Evolutionary Perspective
Kevin MacDonald

8. Separatism - Choice or Desparation?
Jan Tullberg & Birgitta S. Tullberg

9. Systematic Observations of Violent Interactions between Football Hooligans
Otto M.J. Adang

10. The Rise of Ethnocentrism In the Former Soviet Union as a Confirmation of the In-Group/Out-Group Kin Selection Paradigm
Marina Butovskaya & Vincent S.E. Falger

Part Four : Ethics and In-Group/Out-Group Relations

11. Religion and Science - Sex and Society: Forms and Processes of Cohesion
Robin Allot

12. Science and Policy : The Dilemma of Racial Science
Dorothy Tennov

13. On Racism
Daniel R. Vining

Part Five: Policy Implications

14. In-Group/Out-Group Relations and Evolutionary Biology: Implications for Social Science and Social Policy
Robert Cliquet & Kristiaan Thienpont

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