CONTENTS of The Darwinian Heritage and Sociobiology
Edited by Johan M.G. van der Dennen, David Smillie, and Daniel R. Wilson

We dedicate this volume to Jan Wind, the founding father and subsequently the secretary of the European Sociobiological Society, who died October 39, 1995. The 1995 Cambridge meeting was his last ESS conference


Part I: Biological Foundations

1 Group Selection and the Selfish Gene: The Units-of-Selection Problem Revisited
Michael J.C. Waller

2 The Implications of Darwin's Variational Paradigm
David Smillie

3 Cooperative Genes: Synergy and the Bioeconomics of Evolution
Peter A. Corning

Part II: Sociobiology and Culture

4 The Sociobiology of Human Cooperation: The Interplay of Ultimate and Proximate Causes
Peter Meyer

5 Evolution and Culture: The Missing Link
Robin Allott

6 Evolution: Implications for Epistemology and Cultural Variation
Dennis Werner

7 Culture and the Darwinian Heritage: Implications for Literary Research in the University
John Constable

Part III: Sociobiology and Political Science

8 Marx, Darwin, and Human Nature
Lucio Ferreira Alves

9 Culture and the Evolution of the Human Mating System
Pouwel Slurink

10 Human Evolution and the Origin of War: A Darwinian Heritage
Johan M.G. van der Dennen

11 Ethnic Conflicts and Ethnic Nepotism
Tatu Vanhanen

12 Mating Patterns and Their Role in the Formation and Structure of the Abbad Tribe in Jordan
A.J. Nabulsi

13 Darwin's Really Dangerous Idea - The Primacy of Variation
J. Philippe Rushton

Part IV: Sociobiology and the Concerns of Sociologists

14 With Whom Was Darwin Supposed to Fall in Love?
Ada Lampert

15 Grandparental Caregiving and Intergenerational Relations Reflect Reproductive Strategies
Harald A. Euler and Barbara Weitzel

16 Marital Power Dynamics: A Darwinian Perspective
Norma J. Schell & Carol C. Weisfeld

17 Sexual Dimorphism and the Evolution of Gender Stereotypes in Man: A Sociobiological Perspective
Marina L. Butovskaya and Alexander G. Kozintsev

Part V: Evolutionary Psychology and Psychiatry

18 Darwin and the Eighteenth-Century British Moral Tradition
Michael Bradie

19 Evolutionary Psychology: The Appropriate Disciplinary Link between Evolutionary Theory and the Social Sciences
Charles Elworthy

20 Implications of Sexual Selection for Variation in Human Personality and Behavior
John S. Price

21 Serotonin, Dopamine, and the Evolution of Sociophysiological Neurotransmission
Daniel R. Wilson, Sean Stanton, and Sandra Wilson

22 Darwinian Analysis of the Emotion of Pride/Shame
Glenn Weisfeld


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