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Johan M.G. van der Dennen

University of Groningen

Dr. Johan M.G. van der Dennen, born in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1944, studied behavioral sciences at the University of Groningen, and is at present a researcher at the Section Political Science of the Department of Legal Theory, formerly the Polemological (Peace Research) Institute, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

He has published extensively on all aspects of human and animal aggression, sexual violence, neuro- and psychopathology of human violence, political violence, theories of war causation, macroquantitative research on contemporary wars, ethnocentrism, genocide and war atrocities, and the politics of peace and war in preindustrial societies.

He is secretary of the European Sociobiological Society (ESS), (in liquidation as of September 2000, and merged with ISHE), President of the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE), Officer of the Association of Politics and the Life Sciences (APLS), and member of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) and the International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA).

In 1995 he published The Origin of War: The Evolution of a Male-Coalitional Reproductive Strategy on his ongoing research (more than 30 years now) on the politics of peace and war in preindustrial societies, violent intergroup competition in animals, and the origin of war in hominid/human phylogeny.

NEW: The integral text of The Origin of War is now (January 2002) available in PDF format.

NEW: The book The Nature of the Sexes: The Sociobiology of Sex Differences and the 'Battle of the Sexes'  is available for free. Just e-mail your address to me.

For all books (in all European languages) on human ethology, sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, Darwinian psychiatry, biopolitics, behavioral ecology, hominid evolution and related disciplines visit: Books on human ethology, etc.


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